You are more likely to deny the truth in your second language

25th juni 2019

According to various research that has been made, bilingual people are more likely to interpret facts differently, depending on the language they a...

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Why people will beat machines in recognising speech for a long time yet

14th juni 2019

The ability to communicate fluently in all languages is a phenomenal task. One of the reasons this feat is so difficult to realise is the huge vari...

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How To Get A Job Abroad Before Moving

6th juni 2019

The idea of moving to another country as well as finding a new job may seem intimidating. However, there are steps that can help you to reduce the ...

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Can you learn a language playing video games? What the research says

20th mei 2019

Lots of parents have their concern that too much video games can have a negative effect on their children. However, according to research, playing ...

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The elusive foolproof theory of the origin of language

2nd mei 2019

Languages play a crucial role in our everyday life. We convey our feelings and thoughts as well as influence others. However, how did we adapt lang...

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Easter Challenges

17th april 2019

To get you all in the spirit of Easter, we have a created a little challenge: Can you solve the Easter riddle? Guess all three correctly and win a ...

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Tough Mudder 2019

16th april 2019

Last Saturday, some of Language Matters took part in the 5k Tough Mudder at Finsbury Park. Great team effort, well done!

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Easter Challenge

11th april 2019

Easter is just one week away and for the occasion, we at Language Matters have decided to make a little Easter hunt! On 17th April, you...

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Evolution: how the theory is inspiring a new way of understanding language

8th april 2019

Our choice of words can have a vital influence on the development of our languages. Recent studies have shown that it can have an impact on how our...

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How language shapes your thoughts – what researchers know

5th april 2019

Abstract concepts are harder to understand. According to research, concrete concepts are easier to learn and remember than abstract words.  Read mo...

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