We need languages graduates to steer us through our post-Brexit troubled waters

6th augustus 2019

Over the past few years, numbers of graduates in modern language studies have drastically reduced in the UK. With current economic and trade change...

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The internet has a language diversity problem

19th juli 2019

There are over 7,000 spoken languages in the world, yet the internet is dominated by just 10 languages. But, how does this affect the rest of the w...

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Bilinguals Solve Math Differently Depending on the Language

18th juli 2019

According to research, bilinguals process arithmetic problems in a different way, all depending on which of their language they are using. Read mor...

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The huge benefits of working in your second language

15th juli 2019

Working in another language can be challenging, however it has a surprising number of positive side effects. Read more about it here.

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Use your language skills!

9th juli 2019

Happy Friday everyone! What a week it has been here at language Matters! We have numerous new job positions in different areas of business rolling...

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You are more likely to deny the truth in your second language

25th juni 2019

According to various research that has been made, bilingual people are more likely to interpret facts differently, depending on the language they a...

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Languages don’t all have the same number of terms for colors – scientists have a new theory why

Most people operate on average 11 colour words. However, our cultural development and languages have an influence on the way we perceive or define ...

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Why people will beat machines in recognising speech for a long time yet

14th juni 2019

The ability to communicate fluently in all languages is a phenomenal task. One of the reasons this feat is so difficult to realise is the huge vari...

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How To Get A Job Abroad Before Moving

6th juni 2019

The idea of moving to another country as well as finding a new job may seem intimidating. However, there are steps that can help you to reduce the ...

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Can you learn a language playing video games? What the research says

20th mei 2019

Lots of parents have their concern that too much video games can have a negative effect on their children. However, according to research, playing ...

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