The elusive foolproof theory of the origin of language

2nd mei 2019

Languages play a crucial role in our everyday life. We convey our feelings and thoughts as well as influence others. However, how did we adapt lang...

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Evolution: how the theory is inspiring a new way of understanding language

8th april 2019

Our choice of words can have a vital influence on the development of our languages. Recent studies have shown that it can have an impact on how our...

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How language shapes your thoughts – what researchers know

5th april 2019

Abstract concepts are harder to understand. According to research, concrete concepts are easier to learn and remember than abstract words.  Read mo...

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Language: why we like some words more than others

3rd april 2019

When we are learning a foreign language, there are some words that we like more than others and can even make us feel happy. Read more about it her...

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The impact of climate change on language loss

14th maart 2019

Climate change is affecting languages. There are approximately 7,000 languages spoken around the world. However, half of t...

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Google’s translation headphones: you can order a meal but they won’t help you understand the culture

12th maart 2019

With today’s modern technology, we can translate any language. However the cultural significance of the language is often ...

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The power of language: we translate our thoughts into words, but words also affect the way we think

5th maart 2019

Different languages have various ways of describing the world and this in turn affects how we see the world. Read more ab...

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What happens in the brain when you learn a language?

1st maart 2019

Brain scans are helping scientists understand what happens on a neurological level when you learn a second language. These...

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‘It opens up so many more opportunities’: How languages can lead to a dream job

27th februari 2019

Being able to speak a second language can have an important impact in your personal life, but also in your career. It can ...

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This Simple Brain Hack Will Help You Learn a New Language Much Faster, According to Science

19th februari 2019

It can sometimes be a bit of a struggle to learn a new language, but according to research there is a specific time during...

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