Happy Valentine’s Day

14th februari 2019

We wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day from all at Language Matters!

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Can you learn a language with an app? What the research says

12th februari 2019

There are an abundance of apps which provide language learning. The question is, how effective are these apps when it come...

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What Are the Benefits of Diversity in the Workplace?

8th februari 2019

Working in a multilingual workplace can improve the performance and the productivity within the company. Read more about ...

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Explainer: how are learning languages and music linked?

5th februari 2019

Learning either music or languages does have its similarities. There has been a lot of research regarding the benefits of learning music and langua...

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10 Steps to Setting and Achieving Goals at Work

1st februari 2019

"January is a trial month" We have all heard this one before or even said it ourselves. February is here, set your goals and achieve them. Here are...

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The future of translation is part human, part machine

31st januari 2019

Today, technology is now that advance that there are multiple translation tools that can translate a rough draft of relatively simple language. But...

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It’s time to switch to a four-day working week, say these two Davos experts

25th januari 2019

Working four days a week might be closer than you think. Multiple studies support the view that a shorter working week would make people happier an...

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Understanding language influences how brains process sound

23rd januari 2019

There has been extensive research about the brain’s activity, and how lef...

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Speaking dialects trains the brain in the same way as bilingualism

22nd januari 2019

Bilingualism has many proven benefits, however just speaking in regional dialects can have the same influence as a bilingual speaking person. Read ...

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If you speak Mandarin, your brain is different

17th januari 2019

We speak so effortlessly that most of us never think about the complexity of our language. But when it comes to different types of languages, such ...

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