Job vacancies surge past one million in new record

20th september 2021

According to recent statistics, the number of vacancies has increased significantly in the past months.  The job market is continuing to recover from last year, with an unemployment figure now below 5%, and still falling. With this spike in the hiring demand, it’s predicted that there will be an investment in upskilling less experienced applicants.

Neil Carberry, Chief Executive of the REC, said Business leaders should be looking now at how they will build their future workforces, in partnership with recruiters, including the skills and career path development. But attracting and retaining staff also requires a serious assessment of why workers want to work with the firm – from management approaches to facilities, as well as pay. Government can help too, by aligning skills offers with business needs and making sure the new immigration system works. But government also must prioritise alleviating the immediate crisis – we’d like to see a joint forum where government departments and business can collaborate to tackle worker and skills shortages.

*(Reference above from the KPMG & REC UK report on Jobs, September 2021, )