NU, January 2024

Hi Tom, I wanted to thank you and all of the LanguageMatters team for your support throughout my employment, a great experience I thoroughly enjoyed . I loved being part of such an amazing and hard-working team and the past 12 weeks flew by so quickly.

BS, January 2024

We have worked with Language Matters for a number of years now; we cannot fault the quality of the candidates nor the team’s friendliness. Working with Marie-Anne David-Cagnac has been a game-changer for us.

TC, December 2023

Hi Ismael, Thanks for letting me know, i appreciate that. You are a lovely recruiter.

ES, December 2023

Dear Nina, I would certainly like to thank you for your excellent coaching and support throughout this process. I have had numerous touch-points with recruitment consultants in the past and for the most of it, I was not very impressed. You stand out of the crowd for sure! And I am certain that your efforts will bear fruit and I hope your management will credit you for your engagement.

PM, December 2023

Hi Frank, Thank you for your support and motivation that helped me get the confidence to do well at the company. It has been a pleasure working with you and I hope we keep in touch in future as I will surely recommend Language Matters to people in need who might give my name as a reference to you.

PR, December 2023

Hi Nina, Thanks for keeping me posted! These little things make a BIG difference when someone is in the hunt for a new job! 🥰

NL, August 2023

Hi Nina, You really are the best contact ever that I have had in all my experience with recruitment agencies over the years. You are excellent at what you are doing and I appreciate very much the way you are communicating. Thank you again

CB, August 2023

Hi Marie-Anne, I had a great first days, still a lot to discover and learn but everyone at the office is very nice and friendly and helpful. I really hope it goes well. I would totally send my bilingual friends in your way if they need.

MM, August 2023

HI Marie-Anne, Thank you for checking up on me. Everything's going really well, so much so that I haven't noticed how much time has passed with this company. It's a good job in a good atmosphere, and I intend to stay.

SN, August 2023

Hi Marie-Anne, Things are going really well, even better than I expected, so it's all good news. Things have slowed down a bit over the summer, so I'm taking advantage of the time to get down to the nitty-gritty of things.