CR, March 2019

Dear Jessica, Thank you so much for your kind words and best wishes. It is me who has to thank you all since I am one of your successful candidates offered to the […] back in 2008 via Rebecca! All the best to you and your team. A real pleasure having worked with you all over so many years.  

SM, March 2019

Hi Linda, Thank you again for placing me with […] last month. That has now come to an end but I found the experience hugely rewarding and relevant also to my legal background!  

KK, March 2019  

  Thank you, Linda!! Can’t believe how seamless and fast it went with the help of you guys!

AG, Research Consultant, February 2019

Hi Marie, Thank you very much for handling this new assignment in less than 24 hours first of all. This must be a record!!  

JH, February 2019

Dear Payroll, Thank you for everything over the last year, I really enjoyed being an interim with your agency and really glad I picked your company to undertake my interim contract with […].  

SM, Research Consultant, February 2019

Hi Linda, It has been an absolute pleasure working with them, so if you get any further commissions that correlate with my language skills/experience I’d be delighted to hear more about it!  

VG, International Affairs Assistant, February 2019  

Dear Jessica, I would like to thank you as well for helping me to get this opportunity to work in such an interesting and empowering organisation like […]. It was a very pleasant experience that gave me valuable experience and knowledge. I will certainly stay in touch with you as I was very satisfied with your help all these months.  

NA, February 2019

Hello Linda. Thank you very much for your support and help over the past months. I loved working at […], Thank you very much again.

MB, Scientific Officer, February 2019

Hi Jessica, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your support. Both you and Ana have been very nice and helpful! So thank you for that:)  

JK, Customer Care Coordinator, February 2019

Hi Linda. Yes I am very happy here. Everyone is so friendly and I’m learning a lot on a daily basis. It’s very structured and professional compared to previous jobs. And here I also have a lot more responsibility. So yes, I enjoy it a lot - thanks!