MR, June 2019

I appreciate that each and every one of the candidates sent to us were very good and we weren't sent an avalanche of less than good applicants in the hopes that one of them would stick. The communication was friendly and prompt and Jon took the assignment very seriously and wanted to understand what it was that we did exactly. I can't think of anything to improve since even you can't magic up applicants out of thin air!  

AT, June 2019

Hi Jessica, thank you for everything. It was a pleasure working with you.  

CD, June 2019

Hi Linda, I wish you all the very best and of course wish to thank you a lot as well for being very professional yet super friendly.

TK, Junior Production Manager, June 2019

Thanks Jessica that’s great, thanks for turning these around so quickly.  

NW, Production Manager, June 2019

Hi Jessica, Thanks for this. Please do pass on my thanks to the translator for turning this around so quickly for us. It is super helpful!  

LG, June 2019

Thank you Linda, I was really happy to work with you. You are really professional.  

DC, Head of Resourcing, June  2019

This was the first time I had used the agency and I had approached directly through a Google search as we had a specific recruitment need that we have not had before. I didn’t know of any recommended agencies so looked at a few different websites and selected Language Matters. I found the agency brilliant from the outset, the initial exploration call through to the consultant managing the roles. Hannah was excellent, responsive, consultative and grasped our needs very well… ’Excellent service I wouldn’t hesitate to come back if we had a need.’  

SM, Researcher, June 2019

I really appreciate all of the information you have given me to successfully start this new job. I went to the  […]  training on Thursday and everything went great, with the supervisors being extremely helpful and understanding.  

GM, May 2019

Dear Jessica Thanks for all your help and you can be sure I’ll be using your firm again in the future if I’ll be job hunting.  

VK, HR Assistant, May 2019

Jessica, thanks very much for your call earlier and the good wishes, I hope we will get the opportunity to work together again sometime in the future. Anna, thank you for your help with the timesheets and processing over the months and years, it was very much appreciated. Wishing you both a happy stay in London!