SD, Wholesale CSR, August 2019

Hi Frank, Hope you had a good holiday! Thank you! Couldn't have done it without you guys at Language Matters! And all of your work getting […] to see me! Thank you!  

ST, August 2019

Hi Hannah, I think you are a brilliant recruiter!  

TF, August 2019

Hi Linda, You are the best consultant with good opportunities.  

AS, August 2019

Hi Jessica, I was referred by one of my team members, who have shared a very good review about your services and your support during their job search.  

IR, August 2019

Hi Jonathan, Just wanted to thank you for putting me in touch with […]. I'm visiting the team on Wednesday next week. Keep up the good work.  

AC, July 2019

Thank you Hannah! It's amazing how transparent and responsive you are!

DT, Researcher, July 2019

Dear Jessica, Thank you for the prompt response and support. You were a great help.  

MW, July 2019

Hi Linda, I just want to let you know that the French team that you provided for the seven week period were excellent. In my experience it is rare to get such a good group together. Thank you for that.  

RS, July 2019

Thanks for your hard work Jess! CVs look great.  

SG, July 2019

Hi Frank, Thank you. You’re playing an important part towards my initial success and thank you for your prompt responses and an incredible service!