Portuguese Researcher, December 2015

Dear Joanna, I really appreciate all your help during this year with my job search. You have generously shared great jobs with me, and I truly appreciate the support and the networking contacts you have given me during this time. I believe that after all your assistance, I may become millionaire next year. :) I truly appreciate the time you spent to help me, and I take this opportunity to wish you a lovely Christmas season and a great, great, New year, the best job consultant that came my way. Thank you.

Web editor, December 2015

Dear Sam, please accept my heartfelt thanks for your great help - it wouldn't be possible without you!

Dutch speaking Editor, November 2015

Frank, this is also an opportunity to thank you again for all your help, now more than half a year ago. I really found my dream job at Ericsson, so I'm very happy that you gave me a chance to do the test, even though I lived not in the UK. Meanwhile, I feel completely at home in London, which has to do largely with the good working atmosphere and friendly colleagues. And I have not once regretted that I left my life in Belgium for this job and this town. Many thanks.

Norwegian Editor, November 2015

Dear Frank, I want to sincerely say thank you for everything you’ve done for me. You’ve been so helpful and patient, taking the time and effort to listen and guide me through every stage of the process until I got the job. And even after, when there were (a lot of stressful) things I was unsure of (things I probably should’ve asked the company rather than you!)  But you took the time to chase it up and help me out. I felt like I was really cared for and for that I am really grateful. Thank you so, so much, I couldn’t have done this without you. I will definitely recommend you and Language Matters to everyone I know! You deserve all success.

German customer service advisor, November 2015

Dear Hannah, I wanted to thank you for helping me find my current job. You have been amazing in creating a great connection straight from day one. You made sure you understood what I was looking for and what position my skills would suit. You have been a joy to deal with on the phone and by email. Very caring and patient in explaining the various steps leading to the interview and then to complete the employment offer. At each step you made sure to send me updates and ‘chase’ me to ensure I wasn’t going to miss out on this opportunity! You have been an incredible help making sure my focus would stay on landing the job, especially while I was too busy juggling my other daily tasks (kids etc)!! Because of you I am very impressed with Language Matters. Your company are very lucky to have such a hardworking and genuinely dedicated member of staff!

Spanish researcher, November 2015

Good morning Sam, I just want to write you to say thank you for the last opportunity with ****, I really enjoyed the project and the company. Thank you very much for everything, I hope we can work together again really soon.

Italian Editor, October 2015

Hi Frank, Everything’s going great […here…]! Really, the company’s great – just like you anticipated. With regard to Languagematters, and therefore you, I have nothing but good words. Your professionalism, attention to my application pre- and post-submission is undeniable. You have been a great help even when I got to the interview stage and you made me feel clearly the fact that you cared about the outcome by giving me precious advice, calling to check up on me and, finally, by sending me the Congratulations card, which I sincerely appreciated. I take the opportunity to thank you for helping me landing this amazing job.

Italian Editor, October 2015

Dear Frank, my personal experience with you and Language Matters in general has been really positive. When I registered at LM and I met you, you were able to provide me with a lot of useful information about the job. I could also count on your support before facing the interview, which helped me feel more comfortable and confident. I also appreciated your and Valentina's enthusiasm and congratulations when I knew that I got the job. :-)

French speaking HR Assistant, October 2015

La prise de poste s’est très bien passée. L’équipe est TOP, accueillante, bienveillante et très pro . J’ai beaucoup apprécié travailler avec toi. Toujours disponible, agréable, dynamique et réactive tu gères bien tes dossiers et apporte le soutien nécessaire au candidat. Le training avant de rencontrer ***** était indispensable et je te remercie de me l’avoir propose.

German speaking PA, September 2015

Hi Julie, I really like that you don’t forget about me. Some agencies send you one invite and if this does not fit, they forget about you. You are always friendly, send good and helpful papers and interesting jobs. You try to understand a person’s needs concerning a job. You don’t try to offer me positions I would not like. So it shows me, it’s not just about making money on your site. I mean I know, that you need to make contracts, but not at any cost.