Trilingual Translator, August 2014

Hi Valentina, Thank you for your email. My first day was absolutely fantastic, and the second day is going great as well! Thank you so much for your help getting this job, I'm extremely happy to be here!

Italian Inside Sales Executive, July 2014

About Languagematters I can just say that is the best recrutiment-agency in London and I am really satisfied with them. Indeed they found me a job in the role and sector I was looking for and where I can now perform to the best of my ability and build the career I wanted. In the first pre-interview, Frank understood what were my capabilities and aspirations and after only 2 weeks he provided me with an interview in a big company and in a position that was perfectly matching with my expectations. The staff of Languagematters has shown great dedication and professionalism and throughout all the hiring process they supported me with suggestions and encouragement. Unlike other agencies they really showed interest and willingness to make the extra-effort necessary to get the perfect match. Thanks!

Dutch Quality Assurance, July 2014

Dear Hannah, As you know, I have left the UK and therefore had to quit working for Language Matters. Working for Language Matters' clients was a wonderful experience that I am glad to have had. I am most grateful for the friendly employers, quick responses to questions and the variation of work provided.

Japanese Translator, July 2014

Thank you so much for having me, you and your team really have been wonderful to work with.

German customer care professional, June 2013

I would like to give my appreciation to Hannah who provided me with excellent service right from the first point of contact. I received all necessary information and help even more! in order to successfully secure [my job]. Based on this experience I recommended languagematters already to two friends of mine. Spot on!!

Arabic Researcher, June 2014

Dear Valentina, It has been a pleasure working with you and your agency, I would like to thank you for the great experience you have helped me gain.

Office Manager, May 2014

Dear Hannah, I would like to thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to work with them. It has been great doing what I know best and for such an interesting project. Thanks to you, who put me in contact with ……… and thank god everything went well and she was very happy with my work. So once again thank you, and hope to work with you again soon.

Customer Service Advisor, April 2014

I am not sure whether Language Matters also arranges part time work, but if so, I would be supremely grateful for your help! I have been thrilled with the support I have received from you and Rebecca so far

Account Manager, April 2014

Ricardo, I never thanked you enough for helping me get my job at …. You have no idea how much it has changed my life to be working in this role. The company is super happy with me and I have managed to even get funding towards part of my masters course that I am studying part-time while working full-time. From what I can tell you have a talent for putting people in the right places!

Marketing Executive, March 2014

Everything is great, I like the work and team and just got told today that I passed my probation period. Thank you for "finding me", you did a great job and I hope you will make many other people happy by matching them with the right job :)