KM, August 2023

Hi Marie-Anne, I absolutely love working here and have fit right in. It is genuinely a great atmosphere with incredible people and the skills and attributes I’m gaining are incredible. I couldn’t be more grateful to you for all your help in allowing me to secure this job.

KS, July 2023

Hi Nina, I want to sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart for being such an amazing support as a recruiter. I am amazed that you are so on top of everything. I really hope our paths cross again in the future.

AS, May 2023

Dear Marie-Anne, thank you very much! I must admit that I really enjoyed the time with Language Matters and appreciate everyone’s availability and friendliness.

KS, May 2023

Hi Nina, You are the most on-point recruiter I have had so far. Truly appreciate your responses.

MM, March 2023

Dear Marie-Anne, Once again I would like to thank you for connecting with me, despite the geographic distance and your busy schedule, which does not often make it possible to connect in real time. I must say it was rare and delightful to get to speak with you personally again while waiting for an email response and it certainly added a nice sense of care and human connection in wrapping up, which I value a lot and appreciate.

BH, December 2023

Christmas Chocolate has been sent to the team from our favourite interpreting/translation service Language Matters. Thank you Alvaro

JH, Global People & Manager

HI Nina, I also want to thank you for your help. You’ve sent over some really great candidates for the role!

CH, August 2023

Bonsoir Marie-Anne, Aujourd’hui était mon dernier jour avec Language Matters… une page se tourne! Un immense merci de m’avoir permis de réaliser mon rêve d’entrer à l’EMA et pour tout le soutien apporté.

JF, Talent Acquisition Specialist, May 2023

Hi Marie-Anne, You will be my 1st point of contact when i need help from now on, You guys have been amazing, Thank you so much.

AV, February 2023

I sincerely thank you, Marie-Anne, for all your support these last few weeks and for making this deal happen, as we both knew from the very start that success was the only outcome. That's what I call fantastic teamwork!