SM, July 2022

Dear Janine and Jessica, I would like to thank you for your support during these crazy 18 months. Thank you Jessica for giving me the opportunity that November 2020, I am still very grateful for that.

SP, July 2022

Hi Valentina, I am very happy with the new job and my new colleagues, they are very welcoming, and it's such a great company to work for. I can't thank you enough for considering me for this position.

DF, July 2022

Hello Sam, I wanted to say thank you for offering your help with this or any future references and also thank you for your support! I really appreciate it!

NJ, March 2023

I wanted to drop you a line with regards to Maria and my experience with working with her recently to supply me with CV's and a placement. I would like to say she has been fantastic. As an ex rec con myself and hiring manager for many years, Maria is a total joy. She has provided great CV's leading me to interview most if not all and they got better and better from the initial brief. She is very attentive and quick to respond and I can't thank her enough for sorting out our hiring needs in such a short time. Praise doesn't go round much in the recruitment business (I know I've been there) and also I have had some appalling interactions just recently with other firms so it shows great service stands the test of time.

LS, July 2022

I have really enjoyed working with you and your lovely colleagues and will for sure be in touch should we ever need anything in the near future.

BS, July 2022

Dear Marie-Anne, It feels like Amélie has been with us forever. I cannot thank you enough for introducing her to […]. On behalf of the entire team: thank you.

TR, June 2022

Hi Joana, Thank you a million for your great effort and positive mindset all the time! I am so happy we manage to find a great candidate and that we are about to finalize this offer 😊

BS, May 2022

Bonjour Marie-Anne, D’abord, tous les candidats étaient de bonne qualité – c’est-à-dire qu’ils pourraient tous venir travailler pour moi, si j’avais la possibilité de les embaucher tous ! Malheureusement ce n’est pas le cas. Sans préjuger de la suite des événements, je te remercie déjà de m’avoir mis en relations avec l’ensemble de ces candidats. J’ai bien aimé nos interactions et ta manière de fonctionner.

SB, May 2022

Hi Kya Thank you again for finding amazing new talent for us. Jennifer, Chryssula & Vanessa are doing very well and were a perfect fit for us! Hopefully, we can work together again in the future – our experience of working with Language Matters and Kya in particular has been brilliant 😊

BR, May 2022

Hi Jessica , I’ll do this reference letter for Katrina. She’s been invaluable and incredibly hard-working at what must have been a very difficult time for her.